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Name: Rohan Duhaney
Your magic request: "Write a code snippet to solve Imagine you have a script named designed to perform routine database maintenance tasks such as backing up data, removing old records, etc. using Python."

Dear Rohan Duhaney,

# Import necessary libraries
import datetime
import math
import random

# Define a function to generate random data for database
def generate_data():
    # Generate random numbers for database records
    num_records = random.randint(100, 1000)

    # Create a list to store data
    data = []

    # Generate data for each record
    for i in range(num_records):
        # Generate random values for each column
        id = random.randint(1, 100)
        name = "Person " + str(i+1)
        age = random.randint(20, 60)
        salary = random.randint(50000, 100000)

        # Append data for each record in a dictionary format
        data.append({"id": id, "name": name, "age": age, "salary": salary})

    # Return the generated data
    return data

# Define a function to back up data
def backup_data(data):
    # Get current date and time
    now =

    # Create a file name for backup
    file_name = "backup_" + str(now.year) + "_" + str(now.month) + "_" + str( + ".txt"

    # Open a file in write mode
    with open(file_name, "w") as f:
        # Iterate through each record in data
        for record in data:
            # Write data in a formatted way
            f.write("ID: " + str(record["id"]) + "\tName: " + record["name"] + "\tAge: " + str(record["age"]) + "\tSalary: " + str(record["salary"]) + "\n")

    # Print message
    print("Data has been backed up successfully!")

# Define a function to remove old records
def remove_old_records(data):
    # Get current date
    today =

    # Define a list to store indices of records to be removed
    indices_to_remove = []

    # Iterate through each record in data
    for i, record in enumerate(data):
        # Get the date the record was created
        record_date =["id"], record["age"], record["salary"])

        # Calculate the difference between current date and record date
        diff = today - record_date

        # If the difference is more than 1 year, add index to the list
        if diff.days > 365:

    # Remove old records from data
    for i in sorted(indices_to_remove, reverse=True):
        del data[i]

    # Print message
    print("Old records have been removed successfully!")

# Generate random data for database
data = generate_data()

# Print the data before any maintenance task
print("Data before maintenance:\n", data)

# Back up the data

# Remove old records

# Print the data after maintenance tasks
print("Data after maintenance:\n", data)
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