SmartPredictAI Magic Request by Smartgeniushub

SmartPredictAI Magic Request by Smartgeniushub

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Name: Rohan
SmartPredictAI Magic Request:
BMW Sports Rims  in   English


Rohan is looking to invest in BMW Sports Rims and wants to know if it is worth it. With a cost of $65 for the rims, and an additional $15 for labor and $12 for overhead costs, the total cost for each product is $92.00. To achieve the desired profit of 65%, the new selling price would be $289.86 and therefore the net profit per product would be $197.86. The ROI % for each product would be 215.06% and the net profit for all products plus capital would be $289.86 with the same ROI %.

1) What changes do I have to make in order to achieve new profit target for each product?
Answer: To achieve the desired profit of 65%, the new selling price would need to be adjusted from $92 to $289.86.

2) How do I implement the changes or adjustments for each product?
Answer: The changes need to be implemented by setting a new selling price for each product.

3) Once the changes are complete write me a short 5 line PDA sales copy.
Answer: Look no further! Get the best BMW Sports Rims to complete your vehicle. Our rims are designed to last and come with a 65% profit guarantee. Get yours today and enjoy the perfect ride.

4) Generate 3 keywords for advertising campaign
Answer: BMW Sports Rims, Lasting Quality, Perfect Ride

5) Generate the top 3 places where buyers are waiting to buy your product BMW Sports Rims
Answer: Online marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist; Automotive stores; Auto-part stores.

6) How to uniquely design or cook or build or construct this special BMW Sports Rims, be sure to list the steps

Step 1: Select a size and width of rim that matches the specifications of your BMW model.

Step 2: Choose the material of the rim – aluminum alloy is a popular choice as it is light yet strong.

Step 3: Find the right design for the rim – there are a variety of designs available in the market.

Step 4: Install the rim onto the wheel – use a tire iron to remove the existing wheel and then attach the new rim.

Step 5: Make sure the installation is secure and balanced – check that the wheel and tire are securely attached.

7) Lastly create a short prediction summary as follows: Let's pretend within the first week you made 100 sales, what's my total take home profit? show the calculation. Use smartpredictAI for more future prediction calculation. Saves you a lot of time.
Answer: If 100 sales of the BMW Sports Rims were made within the first week, the total take home profit would be $19,786 ($197.86 net profit per product x 100 sales). SmartpredictAI can be used to make predictions and save time by calculating future profits.

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