SmartStoryBuilderPro: Chapter 6: Credit Suisse  Command Center Reporting and Analyst

SmartStoryBuilderPro: Chapter 6: Credit Suisse Command Center Reporting and Analyst


Rohan had always been fascinated by the fast-paced world of finance. After completing his degree in Business Administration, he joined Credit Suisse in August 2013 as a Command Center Reporting and Analyst. As he moved up the ranks, he was promoted to the role of Remote Operation Manager in August 2017. His journey at Credit Suisse had been an exciting one, filled with challenges and opportunities for growth.


As Rohan returned from his one-month trip to India, he was filled with a renewed sense of energy and purpose. During his trip, he had visited several outsourcing companies and was impressed by their efficiency and cost-saving strategies. He knew that this was something he could implement in his role at Credit Suisse. Upon his return, he immediately pitched his idea of outsourcing the Command Center Operation to India to his team and superiors.

With the support of his team and the management, Rohan and his team successfully outsourced the Command Center Operation to India. This move not only helped in reducing costs but also allowed the team to focus on other important tasks such as data management and analysis. Rohan saw this as an opportunity to implement strategic Business Intelligence and Data Analytics software called Omniscope.

With the help of Omniscope, Rohan and his team were able to create a blend of management, audit, and operation dashboards that gave them valuable insights into Batch Operation. This allowed them to identify any issues and make necessary improvements in a timely manner. The automation process was also improved, making the operation more efficient and error-free.

One of the key responsibilities of Rohan's new role as Remote Operation Manager was to identify opportunities for cost-saving and improvements. With the help of data analysis, he was able to pinpoint areas where costs could be reduced without compromising on the quality of work. This not only impressed the management but also helped in building a strong reputation for Rohan and his team.

Rohan also took on the task of building and maintaining the Command Center Reporting SharePoint. This platform contained all the Command Center batch dashboards, making it easier for the team to access and analyze data. This helped in streamlining the reporting process and ensuring transparency within the team.

In addition to his technical responsibilities, Rohan also hosted structured weekly meetings to address the company's objectives. These meetings were an opportunity for the team to discuss any concerns they had and come up with solutions together. Rohan believed in the power of teamwork and made sure that everyone's opinions were heard and valued.

As part of his role, Rohan also addressed any pending issues and provided solutions to overcome them. He believed in being proactive and always stayed on top of things to ensure smooth operations. He also conducted regular audits of the current operation and communicated any updates or changes to the team. This helped in keeping everyone informed and on the same page.


In his role as a Command Center Reporting and Analyst/Remote Operation Manager, Rohan had implemented significant changes that had a positive impact on the company. With his data-driven approach, he was able to improve automation, identify cost-saving opportunities, and streamline processes. His dedication and hard work had not gone unnoticed, and he had become an invaluable asset to Credit Suisse.

As Rohan looked back at his journey at Credit Suisse, he was proud of all that he had achieved. His trip to India had opened his eyes to new possibilities, and he was grateful for the opportunity to implement his learnings in his role. He knew that there were still many challenges ahead, but he was confident that with his team by his side, they could overcome anything that came their way.

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Dear Rohan Duhaney,

Here, we have your seven key points summarizing your role as Command Center Reporting Analyst/Remote Operation Manager from August 2013 to August 2017 after returning from a one-month trip to India:

1. Successfully transitioned to a new role as Command Center Reporting Analyst/Remote Operation Manager after outsourcing the Command Center Operation to India.

2. Utilized data analytics effectively to manage operations, highlighting your proficiency in turning data into actionable insights.

3. Implemented the Omniscope, a strategic Business Intelligence and Data Analytics software, enhancing the operational efficiency of the Command Center.

4. Created numerous management, audit, and operation dashboards, facilitating deeper insights into Batch Operation.

5. Spearheaded automation efforts leading to improved efficiency, cost-saving, and process improvements, showcasing your strategic approach to operational excellence.

6. Built and maintained a comprehensive Command Center Reporting SharePoint, ensuring all batch dashboards were accessible in a centralized location.

7. Hosted regular meetings, communicated updates, audited operations, coordinated upgrades and releases, illustrating strong leadership and effective management.
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